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Simplish (Simple English = Simplish!)

What is Simplish? Business communication tool with 1,700 word vocabulary.

Simplish is an easy communication tool for non-native speakers to do global business. There are actually many more non-native speakers of English than native speakers! Simplish helps to communicate effectively and to build relationships with others.


4 Steps of Simplish

Simplish is a mental blockbuster barrier. You will gain confidence to speak up in English.

You will be exposed to many speaking drills to improve your speed and to develop your logic. As you improve, you will learn to express your own passion and to really enjoy speaking English.

4 Steps of Simplish

Simplish will improve your speaking ability!

  • Simplish is designed to help those struggling with using English.
  • Compared to other programs, Simplish focuses on speaking for doing business.

  • Simplish will help to improve your communication skills to build trusting relationships with others.

Program Info.

Duration 1 or 2 day formats, weekly 2-3 hour sessions, customized format & content
Language English & Japanese
Trainers 2 Instructors (Japanese & American native speakers)

Program Information

Quick response exercises develop a natural conversation pace.

Learn to integrate facial expression, gestures, and voice intonation with your speaking.

Using logic lets you communicate more effectively in English.

Exercises are designed to develop your contents using logic.

You will be able to explain your company and your job effectively.

Using video, you can check yourself objectively and receive feedback to improve quickly.

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